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255 - Renovation of 8 Schools in Alqosh and Bozan

Shlama from Alqosh and Bozan where we have been working the past 6 months to improve the learning environment for the 8 schools and kindergarten! We replaced 85 meters of old windows with modern ones, installed 205 meters of curtains, and installed secondary ceilings in the classrooms. Those super high ceilings made it difficult to keep the rooms cozy during winter and cool during the hotter months. But now, with lowered ceilings and new heating/cooling units, as well as fans, the students and teachers can enjoy a much more comfortable learning environment throughout the school year. We also installed security cameras, imrpoved electricity, provided projectors, printers, speakers, laptops, sports equipment, furniture, water filters, coolers, whiteboards and electrical heaters. This project has also provided local companies with important job opportunities. Special thanks to L'Œuvre d'Orient for partnering on this project 🙏


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