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Subcribe to give monthly, and you will automatically become a member of the Gabbare Club. A Gabbara or Gabarta (fem.) is an Aramaic (modern) word often used to describe a brave warrior. We count on our monthly donors for financial security. If you'd like to set up automatic payments through your bank, please contact info@shlama.org to speak to our donations team.


Help The Helpers

100% of all individual donations go to projects. To cover banking fees, government filing fees, website and any promotional efforts, we fundraise separately for "administrative funds". If you have organizational experience, you know that administrative growth is essential to operational growth, and we could use your help! You can donate directly to those funds now by clicking


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Once your donation has been received, it will be placed on our Spending List. ​When it is spent, you will receive an email with receipts, photos, and a video of how your donation was spent. Your name with your last initial will be listed on the website next to the project your donation was applied to.

The Shlama Foundation raises money separately to cover administrative costs, such as the website, paypal fees, accounting and other fees. That way, 100% of your donation will go toward the project. The Shlama Foundation is an NGO and 501(c)3 non-profit.

The Shlama Foundation is based in Ankawa-Erbil, Iraq. It is registered in the KRG as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). It is registered in the United States as a federal nonprofit with 501(c)3 status. EIN No: 47-1942727

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