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187 - Heaters, gas and fridge for the Bahra Syriac School in Semel

Syriac language based schools across the Iraqi Kurdistan Region are always underfunded. Their deteriorating condition effects the learning experience of the students. Bahra Syriac School in Semel was established in 1996 and was in need of help. Their building is used by two schools. In the morning its called the Navand School with a Kurdish learning curriculum in the morning, while the Assyrian students attend the building and it changes its name to Bahra Syriac School with a Syriac curriculum. Bahra's 1st to 9th grade classes have a total of 107 students (they come from Semel, Mesereke, Sorka and Sheoz.) Shlama provided heaters and needed gas to beat the winter cold, a fridge for the staff and other items. Thank you from the homeland!


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