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265 - Dorm for Syriac-major students at Salahaddin University for 2023-24

Get to know some of the students in our dorm 😊 Shlama from Ankawa, where we’ve renewed the rent agreement for our dorm housing Syriac-major students in Erbil, thanks to Assyrians without Borders (AWB)! The academic year has begun, and thanks to our friends at AWB, we recently paid rent for another 12 months for college students coming from far away areas to be able to live comfortably and focus on their studies. The promotion of our language is important, and we want to ease the burden for those who have decided to make a career out of it. The students come from villages that are hours away, and with the housing, they’ll be able to have a successful year in their Syriac program.


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