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180 - Setting up summer youth camp for 70 boys and girls in Nahla

During the summer, the young people of Iraq don't have much to do, as there are hardly any youth activities or clubs. Shlama in cooperation with Chaldo-Assyrain Student Youth Union (Khoyada) set up a 3 days weekend (July 26 to 28) for 70 people in the region of Nahla, Akre district. The first day included games and educational lectures for Social cohesion and development of humanity Mariam Bahjat. On the second day various workshops were held including on psychological health, belonging to the land and traditional dances. The workshops were followed by a lecture on how to turn the negative energy in your life into positive energy. The day ended a conference headed by the union's secretary Alen Tapsima, discussing many topics. On the third day, a celebration of the Nusardil festival was conducted with the locals of Nahla. The celebration involved traditional dances, poems and songs, including Assyrian “Raweh”.


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