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269 - Phase One of the Baghdeda Wedding Fire Relief

On September 26, 2023, a heartbreaking tragedy unfolded unlike any other. During a wedding celebration in Baghdeda, a devastating fire erupted, claiming the lives of 133 individuals while leaving hundreds more severely burned and injured. In response, our team sprang into action immediately on September 27th, mobilizing to provide vital support in any way possible. We swiftly established two medical mobile units to deliver urgent care to those recuperating at home. These units were equipped with essential medicines, medical supplies, and various necessities. Additionally, we extended our aid to Mosul Republic Hospital and Hamdaniya Hospital, where numerous victims underwent critical surgeries. To facilitate seamless medical transfers, we covered all expenses related to ambulance services, ensuring patients received specialized care in Baghdeda, Mosul, Duhok, and Erbil as required. Recognizing the emotional toll on families, we also provided assistance for funeral arrangements, including the provision of tents, water, and other fundamental needs during these trying times. While prioritizing respect for the sensitivity of the situation, we refrained from extensive video documentation of our efforts. We extend our heartfelt gratitude from the Homeland, standing in solidarity with those affected by this tragedy.


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