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262 - Re-Establishing the Tel-Keppe Football Team

Shlama from the homeland where we’ve helped to reestablish the Tel Keppe football team! ⚽️ One of the many things lost during the 2014-2016 ISIS invasion was the community’s social infrastructure, which connected people and nurtured friendships. With the popularity of our Shlama Football League catching steam throughout our villages, the men of Tel Keppe and the team’s coach, Najib, requested assistance to help build back their team to participate in small local tournaments, and maybe one day in the SFL! Shlama provided professional jerseys and coach tracksuits, football shoes, practice gear, training equipment, funds for the team’s transportation, and rental of the stadium. We wish the coaching staff and the players the best of luck as they not only bring back physical activity in their lives, but also reconnect with one another and with other villages.


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