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Wameed Miriako

e-Commerce Manager

Wameed's journey began in the Metro Detroit area, where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Wayne State University in 2021. Since embarking on his professional path as a software engineer, Wameed has ardently pursued his passion for technology. However, his dedication extends beyond the realm of coding; deeply rooted in his cultural heritage, Wameed sought out opportunities to merge his technical expertise with his commitment to community empowerment.

In 2023, Wameed found the perfect platform to channel his skills and values by joining Shlama. Here, he lends his talents to enhance the organization's online presence, spearheading projects such as website development and optimization of the online shop. By seamlessly blending his technical prowess with his unwavering dedication to his cultural roots, Wameed exemplifies a true agent of change within his community.

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