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161 - Furniture for NPU soldier returning to his village

Meet Rami, an NPU soldier. In 2006, while living in Baghdad, Rami was kidnapped, and forced his family to sell everything they owned in order to pay ransom. After being held for months, he was finally let go when the money was paid. The family fled to Karemlesh, and settled on a new more quiet life, where Rami married and began to have a family of his own. In 2014, Islamic State forced them out, and once again they had nothing, settling as displaced in Hawdian village, Erbil for 4 years. During that time, Rami listed himself as a soldier for the NPU, fighting to take Nineveh Plains back. Now ready to bring his family back to Karemlash, he needed financial help. Shlama provided brand new bedroom set, stove, washer, TV, heater. Thank you Rami for your service and welcome back to Nineveh!


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