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Noor Matti

Board Member

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Noor was raised in Ankawa, Erbil until his family was forced to flee in1992 due to the deteriorating situation in Iraq. He spent two years in Greece as a refugee until his family was allowed to reach Detroit. In 2008, after graduating from Wayne State University, Noor decided to move back to his hometown of Ankawa. He began to reconnect to his roots and worked as an English teacher in various institutions and schools. In 2012, he joined Babylon Media and help launched the country's first ever all-English radio station, named Babylon FM. In 2014, he co-founded the Shlama Foundation and took on the operation manager role. In 2018, Noor began to go live as a host for his show ''Bene w Benak'' on Babylon TV, being broadcasted for the entire middle east. That same year Noor began to work with Chemonics’s USAID-OTI program to implement major projects in the Nineveh Plains that saw major rehabilitation in Bakhdeda, Bartella, Tel Keppe, Batnaya, Tesqopa and Alqosh. He married the love of his life Maryam Maleh in 2019. In his free time he enjoys music, jogging, and his Nintendo Switch.

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