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Evette Shahara

Board Member


Evette was born in Detroit, Michigan after her parents were forced to leave Iraq during the Iraq-Iran War. She earned her bachelor's degree from Wayne State University and her master's from A.T. Still University.  In 2007, she created an accelerated Aramaic curriculum for university students and has been teaching her native tongue ever since. Following the ISIS invasion in 2014, she - along with other like-minded individuals - co-founded the Shlama Foundation to ensure the indigenous people of Iraq continue to thrive and prosper in their homeland. Since then, she has served as a board member and on various committees within the organization. In 2019, USAID awarded the Shlama Foundation its first grant ever for a solar energy project, which Evette managed. When she's not spending time with her family, she enjoys volunteering for Erootha, a non-profit that focuses on the cultural preservation of the  Assyrian Chaldean Syriac community in Michigan. 

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