Spring 2019 Mission Trip



  • Must be 21+ years old to participate

  • Must be willing to do physical labor

  • Must have a valid passport and will be required to obtain a visa

  • Must be able to attend the full duration from Thursday, March 21, 2019 - Thursday, April 4, 2019

  • Must attend a mandatory orientation on "Expectations in the Homeland", which will cover travel concerns, dress attire and cultural appropriateness.

  • Being able to speak Syriac ("Surath") or Arabic is highly preferred and will be useful in our work.

  • Volunteers will be encouraged to document their experiences through journaling and media.



Only 20 Volunteers will be accepted for the Spring 2019 Mission Trip. Active Shlama volunteers in the diaspora, who have completed orientation may register beginning on September 17, 2018. The application will open to the public on September 23, 2018. A wait list will be available in case we have any cancellations

If you have any questions about your qualifications to serve, please contact us at info@shlama.org.