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Telkeppe Cemetery Project

Current Situation


The Cemetery in the village of Telkeppe, Nineveh, Iraq was vandalized and looted by ISIS. Gravestones were broken, and graves were dug up in ISIS's search for any valuables. Primarily buried there are members of the Chaldean Church along with some people from the Church of the East. In our first project in Telkeppe, we will be working in multiple phases to restore the Cemetery for the families of the village. 

We are currently in Phase I, which includes the cleanup of trash, repairing the gate/entrance, sidewalk reconstruction, motor installation and pipes for the water well on site, etc.

After this, we will review the request forms and discuss details and cost information to build family memorials at the site. Approved Projects will be listed online with their progress updates HERE. Photos, videos, receipts and a public listing will be provided in the same manner as all Shlama projects are listed.

Please visit the FAQ page for more information.

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