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Telkeppe Cemetery Project

Frequently Asked Questions

Could you tell me which of my relatives are buried in the Telkeppe Cemetery?

We are working on gathering as much information as we can on our end, and that includes all that you know, as well. Please be as detailed as possible with all the information you know about individuals buried there, and please include any photos you can find.

Could you send me a photo of a specific gravesite?

When we begin working with you on your request, we will be able to provide photos and regular communication as we work with you to complete the project.

How much does it cost?

It depends on what size, materials and design you choose. We will provide you with all your options, including costs, when we reach out to begin your project.

Could I have photos and receipts of the work?

Yes. Each grave site will be considered a Shlama project for Cultural Preservation and will be listed as usual with photos, video, receipts and cost breakdown.

Who will be building it?

Shlama volunteers will manage the work, but local contractors will construct the gravestone/memorial.

Is the construction secure?

Telkeppe is now considered a stable village, and the cemetery is gated.

Are there certain gravestone designs or building materials to select from?

We will share options when we reach out to you after you have completed a request form.

What are our options in terms of size of construction?

The size is entirely up to you and how much funding you have, as long as you don't take up any space of other people's gravesites.

Can we combine gravesites?

Yes. You can build a memorial with the names of all the family members buried in the cemetery.

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