Josephine Atisha

Josephine Attisha was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. She is currently a grant consultant and volunteer for the Shlama Foundation. Her past experience includes legal work in the building industry for project management and estimating. Her goal is to utilize her experience and education to help serve the indigenous Christian population, and other minorities, such as, Yezidis by rebuilding stability in the Nineveh Plain region of Iraq and the Middle East.

Although Josephine was born in the United States, her first language was Surath (Aramaic). She is Aramaic Language Certified, which means she can read and write Aramaic. She received her Bachelor’s from the University of San Diego and then moved to Michigan where she earned her Master’s in Public Administration from Central Michigan University.  

Josephine also wrote and published a book last year called, "Before There Were Borders", which is a story about an Assyrian woman from Iraq named Sara, who reaches for her dreams despite the patriarchal and cultural impositions. The story includes romance, drama, and suspense with a touch of magic and superstitions, all while showing life in the Iraq through the eyes of women before society created the borders that split the Middle East up over the course of time. Josephine’s hobbies include staying active, training for races, cooking, reading, playing with her children and, of course, eating.