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Aessin Shikwana

Board Member

aessin photo.jpg

Aessin was born in Iraq, where his family would spend the summers in Alqosh and rest of the year in Baghdad. His family came to America after the first Gulf War. Leaving their home was a difficult decision since they have very strong roots in Alqosh. Aessin can trace his ancestry for over 500 years to the famous priest and scribe, Israel "Rabi Rabba" Shikwana.



Aessin is a Mechanical Engineer for an automotive supplier in the United States. He worked in his father’s store while pursuing his degree. His job has allowed him to travel to Japan several times, where he has eaten every type of food offered to him (feel free to ask him what kind of weird things he’s tried)! Aessin enjoys traveling and, especially, road trips. He was able to fulfill a lifelong dream of his by driving to California from Detroit several years ago. He also loves movies and trivia. 


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