Youth community center phase 3

​- Installing brand new doors for entire building

- Furnishing the gym with all equipment

- Electrical work

- Tables and Chairs

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Thank you to the Chaldo-Ashur Student Youth Union for all your help with the painting of the building, and thank you to the Chaldean Cultural Society in Ankawa and Abouna Douglas from the Mar Elia Center for the book donations to help fill the library!

Youth Community Center phase 1

​- Electricity for the entire building

- Water for entire building

- Painting all rooms

- Fixing or replacing all broken windows or doors

- Furnish three rooms: Library, Toddler Play Room, Playstation Gaming Room

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Youth community center phase 2

​- Flooring for entire building

- Two water tanks, waste bins, curtains, classroom desks

- Installing cooling/heating system

- landscaping, planting trees

- game room furnishing - ping pong table, foosball, board games

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Mar Matti youth community center 2016

We've got water!

Since this region is so close to Mosul, it was previously connected to Mosul's power grid and water supply. Most of the villages had evacuated when the resources were cut off by ISIS. It was later connected to the KRG power grid, which encouraged many families to repopulate the area. The Youth Community Center had no functioning sinks, toilets or electricity.

Cleaning, Painting and Repairs

The Shlama volunteers set to work. We purchased  many of the supplies from displaced business owners, who were also contracted to help with the repairs. The local Chaldo-Ashur Student Youth Union also came by to help with all that painting. It was a lot of hard work from everyone, but all the windows, walls and floors were eventually in great shape, and the rooms were almost ready to be furnished!

No electricity, no running water, stained walls, broken and missing windows, old and dirty floors, and more. We had our work cut out for us, but this project was just what we had been looking for - a chance to give FOUR neighboring villages hope for their homeland.
With seven rooms to work with, the plan was decided to give the displaced youth a safe place to gather, to play, to eat, and to learn.

Youth community center phase 4

​- landscaping
- Fully equip kitchen
- Decorations
- Finishing water and electrical systems

- Grand Opening! 

Making Purchases! Your donations are helping in multiple ways.

One of our favorite parts of our projects is supporting the local businesses. Whenever possible, we always make an effort to support our local Chaldean Assyrian Syriac business owners. Your donations are not only going to the specific project you donated to, but also contributing to boost the local economy. In a region facing war, most people are only purchasing their most basic needs, causing many businesses to suffer.

THANK YOUJoe, Trevor, Shawn, Nobopaul, and Safeway Food Center for your donations! Abouna Yousef from the Mar Matti Monastary personally thanks you for turning his vision for the Youth Community Center into a reality. 

Project Assessment

The building would need many repairs, doors, windows, water, electricity, painting, restrooms, flooring, furnishing and more. The seven rooms were decided to become:

  • Classroom
  • Gym
  • Library
  • Cafeteria/Kitchen
  • Toddler Play Room
  • Game Room
  • Video Gaming Room