Shlama Foundation

Connecting the Diaspora to the Homeland


Nothing would be possible without the wide range of support we receive, from different countries and cultures, from young children to the elderly and from businesses and organizations. We have been moved to tears from all the groups and individuals who have found empathy in their hearts to fundraise for our cause. Although support comes from all areas, we believe it's important to keep The Shlama Foundation leadership primarily in the hands of the youth. Energetic, caring, united, honest, and passionate, the youthful zeal of Shlama has ignited our mission to influence genuine volunteerism in the homeland.

Who WE Are | our values


According to Transparency International, Iraq is perceived to be one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Many people are not aware of the true reason that The Shlama Foundation was started. When the situation began, we had an outpouring of people who wanted to help, but the same thing stopped them every time. They would not trust that their donation would fully reach its destination. We put our thinking caps on and plotted out every single way we could show transparency: Receipts, Photos, Videos, Personal Video Mentions, Public Donation Listings, etc. It sounded like a lot of work, but we had no choice. We knew that the key to successful humanitarian aid in this case was transparency, and an organization was born.


We envision a thriving homeland for the Assyrian Chaldean Syriac people that is strongly connected to the diaspora through the act of giving.

More About US


The Shlama Foundation’s mission is to engage the diaspora to fund humanitarian aid and other community projects that will help the Assyrian Chaldean Syriac people live and prosper in their ancestral homeland.


We believe everyone has a right to a good quality of life. We believe everyone should live with dignity and in peace, without daily fear. Although our immediate focus will always be Emergency Response, our long term goals are to continue to improve the quality of life in the Nineveh Plains through Community Development, Youth Activities & Education, Cultural Preservation, Supporting Our Troops and Housing.


We love working with others! Working with other organizations is an important value we hold that we hope will become extremely contagious. We strive to be a model of cooperation with churches and other organizations for the greater mission we all share. From the youth to the soldiers, the sight of volunteers working together to make projects possible in our homeland makes us feel pretty great about what we do!


One of our most important values is minimizing the space between the diaspora and the homeland. We believe in the love of our community. We have witnessed an incredible response to those in need beyond anything we could have ever expected. We don't think physical space should separate us from our community throughout the world. It is our aim to utilize the power of media to become more connected than ever before.