Shlama Foundation

Connecting the Diaspora to the Homeland

Who WE Are | our values

We firmly believe in the power of the youth! Compassionate, united and tech-savvy, the youthful zeal of Shlama has driven a culture of volunteerism in both the diaspora and the homeland.

Shlama is strictly non-political and humanitarian-focused. Here at the Shlama Foundation, we have a humanitarian purpose that we believe everyone can agree on. As long as you share our values and our vision, we would love to work with you! We strive to be a model of cooperation with churches and NGOs, as we believe a collective effort will yield a synergistic effect.


We envision a thriving homeland for the Assyrian Chaldean Syriac people that is strongly connected to the diaspora through the act of giving.

More About US


The Shlama Foundation’s mission is to engage the diaspora to fund humanitarian aid and other community projects that will help the Assyrian Chaldean Syriac people live and prosper in their ancestral homeland.


We have been dedicated to transparency since day one. Unsurprisingly, one of the most common questions we receive is, “How do I know where my money is going?” In order to answer this question, we provide public donation listings, receipts, photos and videos documenting each and every project. This information is available online for every project we have every completed.

We believe everyone has the right to live peacefully and with dignity. Shlama strives to improve the quality of life in the Nineveh Plains through Community Development, Youth Activities & Education, Cultural Preservation, Supporting Our TroopsHousing andEmergency Response.


See the homeland like you never have before! One of our most important values is bridging the gap between the diaspora and the homeland. No longer must you wonder what life is like "back home". Through the use of various media, Shlama provides those in the diaspora with an in depth look at the lives of people living throughout the homeland.